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How To Become A Nigeria Youth Academy NIYA Teacher

How To Become A Nigeria Youth Academy NIYA Teacher

The Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) in an Online and Mobile learning ecosystem that connects subject matter experts, instructors, professors, tertiary institutions of learning, organizations, professional bodies with Nigerian Youths anywhere in the world.

Nigeria has some of the finest, most experienced and expert professionals you will find anywhere, across any field and many of them are looking for platforms to transfer their knowledge to the next generation. We are building the largest collection of online learning contents for Nigerian Youths.

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What are the benefits for teaching on NiYA?

The benefits of being a NIYA instructor are huge. You make an impact, you transfer knowledge to the next generation, your personal and professional brand soars, you become part of a large ecosystem, and you go digital and showcase It to the whole world.

Who can teach on NiYA?

Teachers and Professors, Instructors, Subject Experts, Experienced Professionals, Craftsmen, Tertiary Institutions of Learning, Coaches.

How to apply :

Interested applicants can apply via


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