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Why You Should Check Your Loan Status

Why You Should Check Your Loan Status

It is no longer news that the President Tinubu Administration focuses more on loan empowerment. Since the commencement of its tenure, they have established various loan programs to empower the people. As such, it is very important to Check Your Loan Status to know whether you have any pending loan payment which may hinder you from accessing new loans.

Given the above, it is now clear that if you need a capital to grow or expand your business you will need to source for fund from the available loan funds programs from government.

Some of the loan programs established by the government to support Nigerians source for funds are as follows:

1. The consumer credit loan

2. The boi Rapid Loan program

3. The students loan programs

4. The Presidential Loan scheme

5. The National Youth Investment Fund NYIF which will begin soon

All of these and more not mention here are some of the initiatives to source for support.

Some of you may have applied for loan like the COVID-19 support fund and the NYIF loan. The managers of the loan are using GSI to recover the loans.

To know your loan balance and repay your loans, go to

Repaying your loan may create opportunity for you to access more loans


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