We Are Together International Prize For Social Change 2024 ( Get Up To $10,000 Prize)

The We Are Together International Prize for Social Change 2024 is currently accepting applications, offering a $10,000 prize to support initiatives dedicated to fostering social change through volunteer efforts.

Open to citizens and organizations worldwide, irrespective of nationality, gender, or country of residence, this prestigious award aims to recognize and amplify impactful projects contributing to positive societal transformation.

Focus Areas

  1. Healthcare and Emergency Response: Projects encompassing mental and physical health initiatives, blood donation drives, healthcare infrastructure development, promotion of physical education and sports, and emergency assistance during disasters and crises.
  2. Ecology and Sustainable Development: Initiatives addressing environmental conservation, sustainability education, green economy practices, and technological innovations for environmental protection.
  3. Equal Opportunities and Social Justice: Projects focused on enhancing the well-being of vulnerable communities, providing social support services, nurturing talents, promoting education and volunteerism, and advocating for social justice.


  • Expert Support: Engage with esteemed guests, leading experts, and public figures through tailored meetings.
  • Year-long Accompaniment: Receive ongoing support and guidance, including meetings with distinguished individuals in winning countries.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with potential partners and allies worldwide among the diverse pool of applicants.
  • Global Exposure: Showcase your project to a global audience and share insights with the international community.
  • Monetary Prize: Receive a valuable $10,000 prize to further advance your social change initiative.
  • Participation in International Forum: Gain the opportunity to participate in the International Forum of Civil Participation, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Prize is open to citizens and organizations globally, without restrictions based on residency, nationality, or gender.
  • Eligible initiatives include those that have been successfully implemented or are currently underway, demonstrating tangible results and impact.

Application Deadline: May 20, 2024

To apply for the We Are Together International Prize for Social Change 2024 and learn more about this transformative opportunity, click HERE.

For additional details and inquiries, visit the International Prize for Social Change website. Join us in driving meaningful social change and shaping a brighter future for communities worldwide.


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