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Kabasto is an online blog purely based on Scholarships, Study Abroad, Programs, Universities in Canada, Scholarships in Canada for International Students.

Our mission is to provide complete and true information on Studying Abroad.

In this blog, we will Post about Student opportunities in Canada, Full Canadian Scholarships, Internships, Immigration opportunities in Canada, Study Abroad as well as how to apply for International Scholarships.

We also discuss current events in news, politics, the economy, security, oil & gas, society, entertainment, personalities, hotels & resorts, sports, art & culture/tourism, interviews, infrastructure and development, education, crime, and the legal system, among other topics.

We are an independent agency dedicated to providing authentic and unedited news reports to the Nigerian public and the global community.

Readers may get a comprehensive, unbiased report on news, politics, and education in Africa, the African continent, and the rest of the world from Kabasto.

Kabasto is currently one of the most popular news platforms in Africa and the rest of the world.

As the website supports numerous nonprofit groups and community-based activities in Africa, community impact is at the center of the Kabasto.

With many false information out there, Kabasto is a website where you can be sure to learn the truth while still being informed, entertained, and motivated

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