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3MTT Cohort 2 Learning Phase Begins

3MTT Cohort 2 Learning Phase Begins

The management of 3MTT Nigeria has announced the start of the learning phase of the 2nd Cohort of the 3MTT program.

The list of shortlisted 3MTT cohort 2 Fellows was released some weeks ago. Applicants who don’t know that the list has been released can check here Apply For 3MTT Hackathon Sponsored By IHS

The management thanked fellows for their patience as the team worked to make sure everything was put in place for the start of the cohort 2 sessions. As always, there’s a lot to look forward to in the #3MTT program as you get started on your learning journey, they stated.

Below are Lessons scheduled for Cohort 2 Fellows:

a. May 13th–June 3rd: Foundational Learning: Complete Soft Skills & Career Essentials courses on your portal.

b. June 3rd–August 30th: Physical Applied Learning, Foundational Learning Assessment, Self-Paced Technical Course, Physical Applied Learning

3MTT Graduation Requirement:

1. 100% completion of Foundational Learning Courses

2. 100% completion of self-paced technical course

3. Minimum 70% attendance of physical applied learning sessions.

For the 3MTT 3rd and 4th cohorts, please stay tuned for more updates on opportunities to stay engaged in the 3MTT Learning Community.


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