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Canada Student Visa, eligibility and how to apply to for Canada student visa

Canada Student Visa

Being eligible for a Canada Student Visa would require that you have an approved study permit. Once you have an approved study permit to study in Canada, you will be issued a visa that will allow you to be eligible to study in Canada.

In this page, you will be reading about the steps needed to successfully apply for a Canada Student Visa and the requirements involved. Let’s get started by first, examining the requirements involved before obtaining a Canada student visa.

Requirements Needed For A Canada Student Visa

To be eligible for the Canada Student Visa, there are some requirements to meet. In this section, you will be reading about these requirements. Let’s get started:

1. Proof Of Acceptance

2. Proof Of Identity

3. Proof Of Financial Support

4. Letter Of Explanation

5. A medical examination result

1. Proof Of Acceptance

If you are already in school and you wish to continue your education in Canada, your school must send you a letter of acceptance. The format in which can be sent may be in soft copy attached along with your study permit.

However, this can be exempted if you have a family member or relation in Canada who already has the approved versions of the proof of acceptance letter.

2. Proof Of Identity

A proof of identity may consist of a file that contains basic information about you. In the file, you should include a passport photograph of you (your name and date of birth should be written on the back), a government-issued ID card, and other forms of identification.

3. Proof Of Financial Support

This is a document that shows that you have the financial backing to begin your studies in Canada. This document should include proof of a Canadian Bank account with your name as the owner, bank statement for the past 4 months, proof of student loan or scholarship funds, etc.

4. Letter Of Explanation

This letter is written to show the visa officer the reason for your request to apply for a Canada Student Visa and why you are interested in continuing your studies there.

The letter should explicitly state the reason why you need a student visa. Without this letter, it may be difficult to get your visa request approved.

5. A medical examination result

If you intend to spend more than six months studying, you would require a medical examination result. It would also be useful in the event where you want to work as a student. The medical examination result would also state if you have been to countries recently affected by epidemic or pandemic disasters. It is an essential document that should be included because it gives information about your health and how it may affect others.

So far in this article, you have seen the essential documents required to obtain a Canada student Visa as a student. Let’s now consider the step-by-step process of how this can be done.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

In this section, you will be reading a step-by-step process of how you can apply for a Canada Student Visa. Without wasting time, let’s get into it:

Step 1. Gather All The Documents

All the requirements mentioned in the previous subheadings have to be completed to apply for the Canada Student Visa. If one of these requirements mentioned is missing, then your chances of getting your visa request approved may become slim.

Step 2. Apply

Once all your documents are ready and complete, the next step is to apply. This means that all your documents should be converted to a soft copy by scanning them. This is because the application would be done online.

However, if you have a form of disability that prevents you from applying online, you can apply on paper.

Step 3. Answer Some Questions and Follow the Instructions

In the application process, you may be asked some questions and may be given specific instructions. Follow these instructions and give correct answers to these questions. Once you do that, you do that, you would be able to get approval upon your request.

Step 4. Receive Your Letter Of Introduction

If your application comes out to be successful, you will be given a letter of introduction. This applies to people who live outside Canada. The letter of introduction would be useful when you get to Canada.

When you get to Canada, the border officer will demand a letter of introduction from you. Hand it to him and then, wait for him to give you the official study permit.

Note: While it has been established that a Canada Student Visa would be given to you upon your arrival to Canada with your study permit, you may need a Visitor Visa at first to be eligible to travel to Canada to obtain your Student Visa from the border service officer.


As you’ve read from this article, getting a Canada Student Visa is not as hard as it may look. All that is required on your part is to follow the steps outlined and with no hassle, you could get your own Canada Student Visa right in your hands!


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