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Link To Apply For NITDA Digital Literacy For All Initiative

Link To Apply For NITDA Digital Literacy For All Initiative

The Digital Literacy for All Initiative (DL4ALL) aims to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria by training a critical mass in foundational digital literacy skills. This initiative is strategically designed to propel Nigeria towards a 70% digital literacy level by 2027.

According to NITDA, 30 million Nigerians, particularly youth, will be trained via the digital literacy for all initiative in digital skills, enabling them to access essential digital services, participate in the digital economy, compete for jobs, and enhance their employability.

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This initiative recognises the urgency to equip individuals with the necessary tools to:

a. Access and utilise online resources for education, employment, and government services safely.

b. Protect themselves online from cyber threats and misinformation.

c. Communicate and collaborate effectively using digital tools.

d Develop the digital fluency required for many in demand jobs.

Who can apply:

Children, Youth, Adult, and Senior citizens

Digital Literacy Competence Areas:

Based on the National Digital Literacy Framework (NDLF), digital literacy has six competence areas:

1. Devices & Software Operation

2. Information & Data Literacy

3. Communication & Collaboration

4. Digital Content Creation

5. Safety

6. Problem Solving

How to apply:

Interested applicants should apply via


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