Why Nigerians Who Applied For FG’s N50,000 Grant In 2024 Are Getting Paid Before 2023 Applicants

We’re here to explain why Nigerians who recently applied for the Federal Government’s Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme (PCGS) seem to receive payments ahead of those who applied in 2023.

Why Nigerians Who Applied For FG's N50,000 Grant In 2024 Are Getting Paid Before 2023 Applicants

Many PCGS applicants have been questioning why the 2024 applicants are getting the Federal Government Grant compared to those who applied the previous year. So, we’ve put together this post to provide some insight, with credit to Nasims.

Several factors could explain why recent applicants for the Federal Government Conditional Grant Scheme are being prioritized over those who applied in 2023:

  1. Updated Verification Process: The government has introduced a new verification process that includes checks for National Identification Numbers (NIN) and Bank Verification Numbers (BVN). This new process might be more efficient for recent applicants.
  2. Phased Disbursement Strategy: The disbursement of grants is being conducted in phases. Recent applicants may have been processed during a phase where the system had been refined for greater efficiency.
  3. Inclusion of Diverse Demographics: The scheme aims to benefit a diverse range of individuals, including women, youth, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Recent applicants may align more closely with these demographic targets.
  4. Resolution of Initial Delays: There were initial delays in sending out shortcodes for NIN verification, but these have been resolved. Recent applicants may not have encountered these delays, resulting in faster processing.
  5. Administrative Decisions: Selection criteria and administrative decisions made by collaborating bodies such as state governments and NASME could also influence the prioritization of applicants.

It’s crucial to understand that the disbursement process is ongoing, and all verified applicants will receive their grants in subsequent phases.

The phased approach ensures that each application receives careful consideration. The government asked for patience as they continue to process applications diligently and fairly.


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