How To Apply For African Fact-Checking Awards 2024

The African Fact-Checking Awards, celebrating their eleventh year, remain the premier platform recognizing outstanding fact-checking journalism across the continent.

Entries for the 2024 awards are now open to journalists, journalism students, and professional fact-checkers, offering a chance to showcase their dedication to truth and accuracy.


  • The awards feature three distinct categories, each acknowledging a winner and a runner-up:
    1. Fact-Check of the Year by a Working Journalist
    2. Fact-Check of the Year by a Professional Fact-Checker
    3. Fact-Check of the Year by a Student Journalist


  • Winners of the working journalist and professional fact-checker categories will receive a prize of US$3,000 each, while runners-up will be awarded $1,500.
  • The winner of the student journalist category will be granted $2,000, with the runner-up receiving $1,000.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for consideration, entries must:

  • Represent the original work of the individual or team identified in the entry form as the author.
  • Expose a claim on a significant topic relevant to or originating from Africa as misleading or incorrect.
  • Consist of original fact-checking journalism first published or broadcasted between July 1, 2023, and July 14, 2024.

Judging Criteria

Entries are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Significance: The societal importance of the claim investigated and the potential consequences of leaving it unverified.
  2. Testing: Rigorous examination of the claim against available evidence, ensuring fairness and impartiality in the assessment process.
  3. Presentation: Clarity and accessibility in presenting evidence, both supporting and refuting the claim, facilitate understanding for a broad audience.
  4. Impact: The influence of the fact-check on public discourse, including corrections, reach, and engagement within the media and broader society.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submissions is July 14, 2024.

How to Apply

Interested participants can apply by clicking The Provided Link and following the outlined application process.

By recognizing excellence in fact-checking journalism, the African Fact-Checking Awards aim to uphold journalistic integrity and contribute to informed public discourse across the African continent.


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