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Apply For April 2024 3MTT Knowledge Showcase Competition

Apply For April 2024 3MTT Knowledge Showcase Competition

Here is another opportunity for you to win a 3MTT laptop and Mi-fi for Learning Community Members and Fellows. The April edition of the 3MTT Knowledge Showcase is finally here! 3MTT management is inviting you to share your latest project or present what you’ve learned in your courses for a chance to win a laptop or 5G Internet Modem!

Prizes: 50 laptops and 5 5G routers

How to participate and win

1. Create a 2-minute video explaining a project or idea and the problem you’re addressing with your current knowledge or create a 2-minute video sharing what you’ve learned in your course so far.

2. Post the video on social media using the hashtags #3MTTLearningCommunity and #My3MTT

3. Tag @3MTTNigeria and include your Community ID in your post.

4. Encourage your network to like, share, and comment on your video! Increased engagement strengthens your chances of winning.

This showcase is open to Learning Community members and Fellows. 3MTT management looks forward to seeing your videos and celebrating your progress!

Application closes 8th May 8, 2024.


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