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Sweet Rush Infinity App Review: Legit or Scam, play & Earn $500

Sweet Rush Infinity  App is a new mobile gaming application that has gained attention in the gaming market due to its claims of paying real money just by playing games.

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Although there are many gaming applications online that are paying their users, they are scammy and don’t even pay at all.

A gaming app like Paid2Play is not paying its users; meanwhile, on the homepage of its website, it claims to be paying its users for each game played on the platform by a user.

In this blog post, we are going to review the Sweet Rush Infinity App and let you know whether the app is legitimate or a scam.

So, we urge you to carefully go through this article and all the information you need to know about the Sweet Rush Infinity App, including how to register on Sweet Rush Infinity. How to Login into Sweet Rush Infinity App, and finally, you will discover if Sweet Rush Infinity is Legit or not.

What is the Sweet Rush Infinity App?

Sweet Rush Infinity is an online game application that allows users to earn real money by playing games that are inside the app.

The app looks pretty good and attractive. The games on Sweet Rush Infinity App are okay and easy for a newbie to play. The interface of the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Sweet Rush Infinity Review

Sweet Rush Infinity is a new gaming app that gained attention over the past months due to its claim to pay real cash for playing games inside the app.

They promise to pay all of its users and those yet to register on the app after playing in the app. Once you finish playing the game and make some pretty cash in the Sweet Rush Infinity App, you can withdraw the money you made from the app.

But there are some red flags on the app indicating that there is something about the Sweet Rush game. The app is not reliable because it does not clarify all of its users about who owns and runs the company.

This is not trustworthy for Sweet Rush Infinity to keep its identity hidden from its users.

Meanwhile, according to the information we got from the app store during our review, it came to our attention that the Sweet Rush Infinity Game was developed by Metaluxo Ltd. And was released on August 2023 We equally discovered that plenty of users of the app are not happy with the services rendered by the Sweet Rush Infinity App, which has contributed to the plenty of unfavorable internet reviews on the app.

To make the story short and straightforward, the app has plenty of issues, such as a dearth of details on the company’s headquarters and founders, among many other things.

Sweet Rush Infinity Application Profile


Sweet Rush: Infinity

Known as

Sweet Rush

Services offered


Release date

10 August 2023


Not known

Contact email

Not known

Is Sweet Rush Infinity Legit or Scam?

Sweet Rush Infinity App has plenty of issues, such as a dearth of details on the company’s headquarters and founders, among many other things. They are not Trustworthy, and they do not pay anyone after playing the game.

The money you see on your profile is just screen money that cannot be withdrawn.

They use their fake promises and deceitful lies to lure many innocent people to register and invest on their platform.


  • No information is available about the operators
  • Lack of transparency
  • Plenty of Negative reviews on the internet
  • Fake testimonials

Last Verdict

Avoid doing any business with Swethe & Rush App and other play-to-earn games. This is because occasionally they demand investment before making room for potential income. Further, the process involved payment withdrawal, indicating that consumers will never be able to withdraw their funds.


Who is the developer of Sweet Rush Infinity Game?

Sweet Rush Infinity was developed by Metaluxo Ltd.

From where is the Sweet Rush Infinity Game is operating?

There is no concrete information available regarding the location of the operation of Sweet Rush Infinity Game.

Is Sweet Rush Infinity Game legit?

No, the Sweet Rush Infinity Game doesn’t appear to be legitimate.

Should I play the Sweet Rush Infinity Game?

Yes, you can play the Sweet Rush Infinity Game, but at your own risk.


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