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How to Apply for Genova International School of Soccer (GISoS)

The Genova International School of Soccer (GISoS) admissions process: One of the best soccer schools in the area is Genova International School of Soccer Academy, which offers a full soccer education designed to nurture young minds. A select sports program is offered by the Genova International Academy, which gives athletes the instruction they require to excel in their chosen sports. Professional sports facilities are available, and the academy employs highly skilled professionals. You can take advantage of all these advantages and more by enrolling at GISoS right now. They also provide lodging options.

The academy was established in August 2009, with its headquarters initially located in Vicenza, Italy. Since then, the academy has expanded to numerous other nations, including

  • Mexico,
  • Uzbekistan,
  • Spain,
  • Arab Emirates,
  • United States,
  • Australia,
  • Malta,
  • Greece and
  • Cyprus

For the duration of the program, a player is given the opportunity to develop what he or she needs to live their desired dreams. The academy automatically makes you experience what it is like to be a professional European footballer, and you get to enjoy football even more than you think.

The GISoS program curriculum is designed in such a way that you will develop the following football skills and other professional abilities:

  • technical skills,
  • You will become tactical.
  • physical aspects of football,
  • and the mental aspects of football

All these you enjoy in a fun environment that offers you lifetime challenging environments to learn and grow as a young athlete.


The academy aims to create a culture of excellence by preparing athletes and players for future success at the highest levels of the game.

Check out the following football academies:

Why you should consider getting into GISoS

  1. The school has outstanding reputations, and they have good connections with some of the clubs you desire to join as a young athlete, the likes of Inter, Getafe, Napoli, Torino, Rayo Vallecano, and Monza, to mention but a few. This might be the best opportunity, and you can get noticed by the club of your dreams.
  2. The Genova International School of Soccer (GISoS) has assisted players in the development of tactical skills to compete on the European football pitch.
  3. Genova International School of Soccer (GISS) has also posted some of her players to play for many pro clubs in countries around the world. On the list of these countries are Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland, and Singapore.
  4. Their residential program comes as a fully customized athletic program that springs from August 1st to June 1st, and within this period is when league competition takes place, so academy teams are made to compete each week to play against teams of different

How to Get into the Genova International School of Soccer (GISoS)

To join the Genova football academy, please abide by the following process flow:

1: Research and shortlist Spanish football academies

Congratulations! Here you are, at the first step. I believe you have learned a lot about the Genova football academy, and you can now make up your mind if you will apply to join or if you can search for other academies if they don’t meet your taste.

Here are other academies you may consider enrolling into:

  • LBJ High School Football
  • How to Get into RPI Softball
  • NCS Baseball: Academy, Programs and Tournaments

2: Write a compelling football CV and make sure to highlight your skills.

You should ensure that your skills and achievements are well outlined in the CV.

3: Attend trials, be present during showcases, and open days

The aim is to get noticed. Go for trials and open days, and then at any slightest opportunity to show yourself, please do so.

4: Network with the academy coaches and scouts and get in contact with fellow players.

Networking is key, and your success in football is also dependent on how well you network with people above you and with people in your class as well.

5: Be persistent and patient, and let GISoS lead you through.

With your persistence, you will surely get noticed, and who knows, that club you admire might hire you.

Details of services offered at the Genova International School of Soccer

  • Players will get full board, and there are provisions for accommodation. Also, their breakfast, lunch, and dinner are taken care of.
  • Terms and conditions apply: As a player, you need a Pro-Registered License to play.
  • A choice of whether to participate full-time or part-time is given.
  • There is staff assistance for schooling.
  • Trainings hold for 5 to 6 days every week, plus a gym.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply to this service: as a player, you can play against La Liga club youth teams the likes of Getafe, Atletico Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, and CD Leganés Deportivo, to mention but a few.
  • As a player, 30 minutes of play are guaranteed for each game, not considering their players talent.
  • Players are free to attend university to study the following courses: French, Italian, English, Spanish, and German customer service.

How do you get into a football academy in Spain?

To get into a Spanish football academy in Spain, search for the best Spanish football academies around, then write a football CV, go for trials and open days, and make sure to network with coaches and other players so they can be noticed.

How much does it cost to go to the football academy in Spain?

For a short-term program to study at the Football Academy in Spain, which is usually three months long, you are charged 7,000 EUR to complete the course. The cost above will include your accommodation costs, meals, courses in Spanish, equipment costs, and training costs.


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