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Step by Step guide for Aspiring UK Registered Nurse Pre-registration Requirements

Step by Step guide for Aspiring UK Registered Nurse Pre-registration Requirements

1. A valid passport:

This should have more than 3months before expiry date at the time you submit your application to NMC UK.

2. Declare any name changes; marriage certificate, newspaper publication etc.

3. Have all your original certificates(diploma/degree in nursing)

4. License to practice from country of registration/training

5. English language evidence: as at this moment the only acceptable proof for most African countries are academic IELTs or OET.

The other evidences are most suitable for EU nurses so Eyes on your English test please, you can smash it, you are a whole RN so why not? Remember how hard medical surgical nursing is? Or pharmacology? How can I forget pathophysiology yet you passed through nursing school, so yes you can pass your IELTS too.

6. Register with NMC Uk and pay for their registration on NMC UK WEBSITE
The fee costs about 153 pounds, you’ll need to do your exchange rate at the time of registration.

Ps: This fee is refundable if you do not meet their criteria.

7. After registration you can now sit for the test of competencies. This has two parts, CBT which can be taken in your home country and osce which is currently done in the UK.

8. After getting your evaluation and invitation to come to the Uk for osce which is a practical test, you can now apply for a work visa.

9. Well by this time you should have an employer already( chill I know it’s hard to get jobs now but hey! I’ll be posting job offers as they come)

10. Fly to the Uk and take your last test: don’t forget you can come with your child/spouse at once or come first and get them here(feels fulfilling right? Yessss so get to work Dear nurse, the future is now.

Remember information rightly used is power!


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