Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship with FREE Housing

Scholarship with FREE Housing

Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship with FREE Housing, the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and the Ministry of Research and Higher Education are funding a talent support programme. The Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship aims to attract high-achieving international students who wish to follow a master’s programme at the University of Luxembourg.



Field of study

All are eligible (see below under eligibility criteria)


Up to 2 years

Number of students/specificities

Max. 30 students per year (10 per faculty)

Eligibility criteria

International applicants, both from EU and non-EU countries, applying to a master’s degree
Only Master programs run their two-year programme in Luxembourg. Master programmes that have a mandatory semester or year abroad are not eligible.

Excellent academic performance during undergraduate studies
Full-time students
Non-beneficiaries of Luxembourg’s State Financial Aid for Higher Education
Third-country national applicants

Please carefully read the information provided to candidates and students.

The stipend amounts to €10,000 per academic year for up to 2 years

One part of the scholarship covers student housing, and the remaining part is an amount paid in installments at the beginning of each semester for a maximum of two years.

The scholarship is subject to performance evaluation and may be withheld, for example, in the case of academic misconduct, poor academic performance, or withdrawal from the master’s programme.

Tuition fees are not included in the scholarship.

The scholarship cannot be combined with any other type of grant financed by the Luxembourg government or a similar scholarship funded by a private sponsor.


Part of the scholarship is used to finance the student’s accommodation in a university residence for the duration of the Master programme, up to a maximum of EUR 650/month for a maximum of two years.

The scholarship does not cover the security deposit or the insurance. The student needs to apply for their accommodation in a timely manner and closely follow the instructions and deadlines in the accommodation section.

Application procedure

Application deadline for the Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship: March 29, 2024

1. Apply for the Master’s programme:

First, we invite you to consult the admission requirements specified on the webpage of the Master programme you are interested in to ensure that your application will be complete.

Then, proceed by submitting your master’s application using our online admissions portal accessible, and submit all required documents via the following link:

2. Evaluation of the Master’s application:

Once your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Director of Studies of the selected Master’s programme.

If the Director of Studies considers that your application meets the required excellence criteria, you will receive a notification inviting you to apply for the excellence scholarship separately. The link to submit your scholarship application will be included in this notification.

3. Scholarship application:

For your online scholarship application, you will need to:

Complete the online form dedicated to the scholarship.

Attach a personal statement outlining your motivations for applying and elaborating on your strengths.
Attach two academic recommendation letters
Once you have submitted your scholarship application, it will be evaluated.

We encourage you to follow these steps carefully to ensure that your application is managed efficiently.

Selection criteria and procedure

Selection criteria:

Quality of an academic performance
Originality of the personal statement and strengths of your candidacy

Selection procedure:

The selection of applicants for the scholarship will go through an internal evaluation procedure.

Finalists are expected to hear back by mid-May 2024, and they will need to confirm the acceptance of their scholarship within three business days.

All candidates will receive a final response.

The Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship recipients will sign a scholarship agreement and a declaration of honor upon arrival at the University of Luxembourg in September 2024, acknowledging their acceptance of the program’s terms and conditions.


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