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Link To Check FGLoanGrant PCGS Beneficiaries Names

Link To Check FGLoanGrant PCGS Beneficiaries Names

The management of the FGLoanGrant PCGS has officially initiated the process of updating the list of Federal Government Palliative Grant Beneficiaries. As previously announced, this comprehensive list will be accessible on the official portal for public scrutiny and confirmation.

Beneficiaries, applicants and the general public can now check names of the PCGS beneficiaries that have been paid so far via this link: https://grant.fedgrantandloan.gov.ng/learn-more/disbursement

Additional Information about the list are as follows:

1. Purpose: The list aims to provide transparency and accountability in the distribution of grants across various nanobusinesses.

2. Scope: It covers beneficiaries who are owners of nanobusinesses.

3. Frequency: The list will be regularly updated to reflect additions.


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