Nigeria Customs Service E-Auction – How to Register

How to Participate in Nigeria Customs Service E-Auction Exercise:

1. Ensure you possess a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) from FIRS and an active email, also ensure that the TIN is validated on tax promax

2. Sign up at

Fees and Payments:

3. Pay a non-refundable administrative fee of ₦1,000 via the platform’s channel.

4. Each bid attracts a participation fee of ₦1,000

Bidding Details:

5. Bid for a maximum of two items per window, with unlimited bids on those items.

6. Items are auctioned “as is,” and requests for replacement or refund won’t be entertained.


7a. Portal opens Monday 15 of January 2024

7b. Auction dwell time is 6 hours. (Every Tuesday 12 noon – 6pm) Also payment of items won is to be made within 3 days and 7 days to remove the items from designated terminals after payment.

Shipping and Cargo:

8. Overtime cargo incurs an additional 50% charge of the winning bid (25% to shipping company and 25% to terminal operators).

9. Winners claiming items must provide necessary documentation and identification.


Terms and Conditions:

10. Nigeria Customs Officers and owners of seized items are ineligible to participate.

11. Winning bids must be validated at the Customs Area Controllers’ offices.

12. Prompt payment, 7.5% VAT, and refundable container deposit (if applicable) are mandatory.

Further Guidelines:

13. Allotee transfers and sales carry buyer’s risk. No replacements or refunds for paid charges.


14. Interested participants must carefully consider and abide by the terms of this e-auction.

Act Now!

15. Seize the opportunity within the stipulated timelines and guidelines.

Click Here to Participate in the e-Auction Exercise.

For Enquiries

Visit our website or

contact us via


Help desk line 


Nigeria Customs Service – Ensuring Fair and Transparent Auctions.


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