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Latest Npower News For June 2024 (Backlog Payment And Others)

Latest Npower News For June 2024 (Backlog Payment And Others)

In today’s Latest Npower News for June 2024, we will be answering some of the questions you have been asking regarding the state of the N-Power program. So keep reading!

Recently, President Tinubu made a significant decision by lifting the embargo on the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program. In line with his first-anniversary address. This move indicates the program’s continuation and commitment to supporting vulnerable households. See details here President Tinubu Lifts Embargo on Renewed Hope CCT Program

However, President Bola Tinubu did not mention the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) or N-Power program. So the Npower program is still under suspension.

Regarding the payment of the remaining backlog owed beneficiary, we believe that payment can still be made when the management decides to settle beneficiaries whether the N-Power suspension is lifted or not because it is a debt owed to beneficiaries.

At the moment, the decision is in the hands of President Tinubu to make. Until he decides, the Npower program is still on hold for now.

Haven said that President Tinubu’s renewed Hope Youth Empowerment and Innovation agenda is in top gear as the Three Million Technical Talent Initiative 3MTT and the iDICe Programme to nurture digital skills including the Establishment of the National Job Centre and the National TLent Programme to create employment opportunities is in top form.

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New renewed Hope Youth Empowerment Program is being introduced and will update you on this platform for you to take advantage of as they come up. So stay tuned.


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