Ibom-LED Empowers 800 Entrepreneurs With N500,000 Start-up Funds

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has stayed true to his promise of empowering entrepreneurs in the state.

Ibom-LED Empowers 800 Entrepreneurs With N500,000 Start-up Funds

The governor, known for his strong support for local businesses, handed out N500,000 in grants to each of the 800 trainees from the Ibom-LED program.

During the cheque presentation, Governor Umo Eno congratulated the beneficiaries for completing the training program, calling them ambassadors of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme (EAP).

He emphasized the importance of the training they received, stating, “I like to say clearly here that whether this programme will continue or not depends on you because you are the ambassadors of this programme.

“You are not all totally new to businesses or entrepreneurship. I am not concerned about the little seed that will be put in your hands, but about the training you’ve  received,” the governor says.

In addition to distributing the grants, the governor shared some valuable business advice with the beneficiaries, urging them to focus on entrepreneurship over politics.

Governor Eno shared his own success story, highlighting the importance of perseverance and sacrifice in achieving goals.

He said, “Everything you need to succeed is in your hands. For now, don’t be politicians; just be entrepreneurs. This is an opportunity for you to have a primary address. If you have a primary address, politics is secondary.

“People will respect you for what you can do. This little money is a seed, and if you plant it well, it will bring a mighty harvest. I remember that, in this state, I opened my hotel with just five rooms, and a few years later, we had grown exponentially.

“The first thing is that you must make up your mind to succeed, and in that determination, there will be a place of sacrifice and self-denial.

“People will tell you all manner of things; don’t mind them. Your time will soon arrive. Above all, this community has been created; stay around the community and don’t try to impress people. As a government, we’ll continue to support you. This is just the beginning.

To fulfill his commitment to youth empowerment, Governor Eno appointed Mr. Imo-Abasi Jacob as the team leader of Ibom-LED, along with other seasoned professionals, to oversee the program’s implementation.

At the grant disbursement event, Imo-Abasi Jacob expressed gratitude to the governor for his vision and support for the business community.

He assured that with the quality training provided, the grants would lead to tangible outcomes for the beneficiaries and the state’s economy.

The governor also appointed Mrs. Ekaette Umoh as Pioneer General Manager, while Mr. Ime Uwah, SSA on Entrepreneurial Development, serves as the Program Director of the Center.

The appointed seasoned professionals were saddled with the responsibility of interpreting the governor’s entrepreneurial blueprint by articulating and implementing his vision in line with the administration’s entrepreneurial philosophy.

To demonstrate his commitment to the cause, Governor Eno donated N250 million for the take-off and training of the first batch of 400 participants. N50 million as school fees for the trainees, while N200 million was set aside to be disbursed as a business support grant of N500, 000 to each trainee upon completion.

Team Lead of Ibom Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development, Imoabasi Jacob, in his remarks at the disbursement of seed funds, appreciated the governor for the vision, commitment, and support for the Akwa Ibom business community and assured that, given the quality training given to the beneficiaries, the grants would yield the desired dividends.

Recall that Governor Eno, during his electioneering, vowed to birth entrepreneurial spirit among the youth and put an end to an era where able-bodied youths thronged the gates of politicians to beg for crumbs as a means of empowerment.


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