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10 Lucrative Business Ventures To Start With Just ₦100,000 In Nigeria 2024. In Nigeria, where employment opportunities can be scarce, entrepreneurship presents itself as a viable path to financial stability.

Despite economic challenges, numerous business opportunities exist that require minimal upfront investment.

Here are ten ventures you can consider embarking on with just ₦100,000 capital in Nigeria:

1) POS/E-Payment Services:

Setting up a point-of-sale (POS) terminal offers convenient electronic payment solutions. Services such as money transfers, bill payments, and airtime purchases can generate income.

2) Phone and gadget charging:

Addressing the constant need for phone and gadget charging, especially in areas with erratic electricity supply, by establishing charging stations can yield revenue through nominal usage fees.

3) Mobile Food Vendor and Delivery:

Catering to the demands of busy individuals and students by preparing and delivering meals can be a profitable venture. Providing ready-to-eat meals to those with limited time for cooking presents a lucrative business opportunity.

4) Copywriting:

Leveraging writing skills to offer copywriting services to businesses in need of promotional materials can generate income. Crafting compelling advertisements and marketing content allows for monetizing writing abilities.

5) Graphic Design:

Utilizing creativity to provide graphic design services for businesses and individuals can be lucrative. Designing logos, flyers, and other visual assets offers avenues for earning design expertise.

6) Selling Clothes:

Retailing trendy clothing items, either through an online platform or a physical store, remains a resilient business idea. Identifying and supplying fashionable clothing can attract customers and drive sales.

7) Laundry Business:

Offering laundry services to individuals with time constraints can be a profitable venture. Providing washing and ironing services for a fee addresses the demand for convenient laundry solutions.

8) Shawarma Selling Business:

Capitalizing on the popularity of shawarma, particularly among the youth demographic, by establishing a shawarma stand presents a lucrative business opportunity. Offering tasty snacks to customers can yield significant returns.

9) Data Reselling Business:

Procuring data in bulk from telecommunications companies and reselling it at competitive prices to customers offers a viable business model. Providing affordable internet access allows for tapping into the growing demand for connectivity.

10) Declutter Agents Business:

Facilitating the sale of unwanted items online for individuals can be a profitable venture. Acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers and earning a commission on each sale provides avenues for revenue generation.


Commencing a business in Nigeria need not be daunting, as numerous opportunities exist for aspiring entrepreneurs. With the right idea and diligent effort, navigating the Nigerian business landscape can lead to financial success.

By leveraging creativity, market demand, and a modest initial investment, individuals can embark on rewarding entrepreneurial journeys in Nigeria.


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