How To Apply For JWO Research Grant

How to Apply for a JWO Research Grant. The JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists has emerged as a pivotal catalyst for driving transformative research endeavors across the continent.

With almost ten years of significant contributions under its belt, the JWO Grant is expected to draw in a wider range of early-career scientists in 2024 by providing them with the chance to compete for a potentially game-changing prize.

Evolution of the JWO Research Grant

Over the past five years, the JWO Grant has garnered significant interest from early-career scholars and scientists specializing in diverse environmental disciplines, including biodiversity, microplastics, and disease vectors.

This grant has served as a vital resource for researchers committed to exploring innovative solutions to the unique environmental challenges facing Africa.

Grant Objectives

The JWO Grant not only serves as a means of financial support but also empowers early-career scientists to address pressing climate crises, fostering a more sustainable Africa, both economically and environmentally.

In its sixth year, the JWO Grant seeks to continue its legacy of driving positive change by inviting early-career African scientists to apply and submit groundbreaking research proposals for consideration.

Eligibility Criteria for JWO Research Grant

  • Lead Applicant: The lead applicant must be an early-career African scientist with strong affiliations to a reputable African institution and proposing research to be conducted on the continent.
  • Transdisciplinary Research: The 2024 JWO Research Grant encourages transdisciplinary research applications demonstrating a robust connection to biodiversity and conservation efforts.
  • Experience Requirement: Applicants must hold a PhD and possess no more than seven years of post-degree work and/or research experience (excluding career breaks).
  • Institutional Affiliation: The applicant’s institution must exhibit proven capabilities in managing funding and adhere to good financial grant practices. Affiliation may include academic, research, government, NGO, or for-profit organizations.

Grant Award Details

  • Grant Amount: The 2024 JWO Grant will award $150,000 (USD) to one successful applicant, supporting a research program spanning up to three years.
  • Annual Call: An annual call for new applications will be issued, with previously funded research projects ineligible for consideration. The grant recipient will be announced at the Oppenheimer Research Conference.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is May 3, 2024.

How to Apply

To initiate the application process and seize this opportunity to drive impactful environmental research, click HERE.

This call for applications signifies a pivotal moment for early-career African scientists to contribute to the advancement of environmental sustainability and resilience across the continent.

Join us in our mission to foster innovation and address the pressing environmental challenges of our time.


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