Ciena Grants for STEM Teachers FY24

The Ciena Grants for STEM Teachers FY24 program will award deserving teachers in the DC metro area, DoDEA schools, and schools in all 50 states grants up to $3,000. The grants will be applied toward materials and resources to support STEM programs and activities. Schools with high economic need (over 50 percent of the students qualifying for free or reduced lunch assistance) will be given priority consideration to support digital equality. Innovative distance and virtual learning projects and programs will be considered.

Applications for the Ciena Grants for STEM Teachers FY24 program are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis.

Before you proceed, please prepare the following:

1. Name and email address of the principal of the school

2. Letter of Recommendation (submitted by principal after application)

A letter of recommendation from your school principal is required.

Please have your principal provide information regarding your teaching performance and accomplishments and how the grant will have an impact on or change your current teaching position, classroom, and/or afterschool program.

The AFCEA Grant Selection Committee welcomes any other relevant information in support of this application.

Letters must be submitted in pdf form via email to

It is your responsibility to ensure your principal sends your letter of recommendation.

In compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the AFCEA Educational Foundation will not release letters of nomination or recommendation to any person or place.

The letter of recommendation from the principal of the school and any additional materials must be received to be considered.

3. Opportunities for Volunteers to Participate in Ciena Grants for STEM Teachers, FY24

Ciena has robust community outreach programs and would like to involve employee volunteers to participate in these projects, programs, or culminating activities.

Proposals for The Ciena Grants for STEM Teachers FY24 program should include plans for volunteer opportunities, including, but not limited to:

-Program/project participation in classrooms
-Extracurricular program/project participation
-Fair or activity judging
-Program preparation activities
presentation of awards or grants

See the official website here

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