15 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With Just ₦70K In Nigeria | Kabasto

15 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With Just ₦70K In Nigeria | Kabasto

Starting a business in Nigeria with 70,000 Naira (70k) may seem like a difficult task, but with careful planning and dedication, it’s entirely feasible to build a thriving enterprise from such a modest investment.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only explore various business opportunities that can be initiated with $70,000 in Nigeria but also offer practical advice to help you navigate the path towards entrepreneurial success.

Unveiling Profitable Business Ideas for a $70,000 Investment

Food and Snacks

  • Chin Chin: This crispy snack is easy to produce and can be marketed to various outlets, including offices and online platforms.
  • Small Chops: Delightful finger foods like samosas and spring rolls are in high demand for events and parties.
  • Fresh Juice and Smoothies: With fresh seasonal fruits, you can create healthy beverages and position your business strategically for visibility.

Mobile Phone-Related Services

  • Phone Accessories: From cases to chargers, selling phone accessories can be lucrative with effective marketing strategies.
  • Recharge Cards and Data Subscriptions: Offering essential services like recharge cards and data subscriptions can cater to a broad customer base.
  • Basic Phone Repairs: Learning basic repair skills can enable you to provide valuable repair services for mobile phones.

Digital Services

  • Freelance Writing: Utilize your writing skills to secure freelance writing jobs online by building a strong portfolio.
  • Social Media Management: Help small businesses enhance their online presence through effective social media management.
  • Data Entry: If you have excellent typing skills and attention to detail, online data entry jobs can be a viable option.

Everyday Essentials

  • Used Clothes (“Okrika”): Curating a selection of quality used clothes can establish a profitable niche in the market.
  • Household Cleaning Products: Producing basic cleaning supplies can ensure a steady demand from households.
  • Cosmetics and Skincare Products: Address specific skincare needs by starting with a few quality products.


  • Hairdressing and Barbering: Offer hair care services and barbering within your community to cater to local needs.
  • Makeup Artistry: Enhance your makeup skills and offer services for both casual and special events.
  • Tutoring: Provide academic support to students in subjects you excel in.

Key Tips for Starting Your $70,000 Business

Choose Carefully

  • Assess your skills, interests, and the local market needs before finalizing your business idea.

Conduct Thorough Market Research

  • Understand your potential customer base and analyze competitors to identify opportunities and challenges.

Create a Simple but Detailed Business Plan

  • Outline your goals, target customers, marketing strategies, expenses, and projections to provide direction for your business.

Start Small & Grow Organically

  • Begin with strategic investments and expand gradually as your profits increase to minimize risks.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategically

  • Utilize both free and paid advertising channels to reach your target audience effectively.

Prioritize Customer Service

  • Focus on delivering excellent products and services and exceeding customer expectations to build loyalty and generate referrals.

Track Your Finances Meticulously

  • Maintain accurate records of income and expenses using accounting software or spreadsheets.

Embrace the Power of Networking

  • Connect with other business owners for support, ideas, and potential collaborations.

Seek out Mentorship and Support

  • Find a mentor who can provide valuable insights and guidance to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Qualities for Entrepreneurial Success


  • Develop the ability to find creative solutions within limited resources to overcome challenges.


  • Build the resilience to bounce back from setbacks and persist in achieving your business goals.


  • Prioritize understanding and meeting the needs of your customers to ensure long-term success.

Financial Discipline

  • Maintain good financial practices by tracking income and expenses to make informed decisions.

Continuous Learning

  • Stay curious and open to learning new skills to adapt and grow your business in an ever-evolving market.

Maximizing Your $70,000 Investment

  • Invest in essential tools and supplies, prioritize minimizing operating costs, leverage free resources, collaborate, and focus on delivering quality to maximize the returns on your investment.

Starting a business with $70,000 in Nigeria is undoubtedly challenging, but with the right approach and mindset, it can be a rewarding journey towards entrepreneurial success.

Remember, your initial investment is just the beginning, and with perseverance and strategic planning, you can transform it into a flourishing business.


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